Hy-Vee Foods at 36th and Broadway has stepped up to provide bread to Quincy Public Schools during the shortage created by Hostess’ closure. 

Interstate Brands (Hostess) was the sole provider of hamburger buns, hot dog buns, and sliced bread to Quincy Public Schools.  Interstate made several deliveries of bread each week to ensure the bread was fresh.  With the sudden closing, QPS didn’t have a bread provider this week.

Distributors were contacted but unable to help due to the widespread shortage the closure has caused.

Hy-Vee stepped up to the plate to help QPS.  They arranged to bake all of the bread this week.  Hy-Vee went above and beyond stating that they would help out no matter what and even offered to deliver the bread.  Thank you to Store Manager Mark Lammers and bakery staff at the Broadway Hy-Vee. 

For more information, please contact Jean Kinder (QPS Director of Food Service) 217-228-7158 ext. 2261 or kinderje@qps.org.