Quincy Public Schools K-5 Learning Community Plan

At the July 27th Board meeting, Business Manager Joel Murphy presented the plan and basic outline for moving to a K-5 elementary school model.  The District will be moving to a concept of a Learning Community which will include all aspects of students' lives to make them successful.  This includes developing partnerships with parents and the community at large to create a "culture of excellence" called for in the District's Vision Statement.  In order to accomplish this, we will move to the five communities as soon as possible.  The principals for the five K-5 buildings have been named and will begin to develop a process to assign staff to their new schools. The K-5 principals are as follows:  Southwest - Chrissy Cox, N. 12th St. - Cindy Crow, ADM Site - Melanie Schrand, Baldwin - Jim Sohn, and Monroe Site - Brian Trowbridge.

Boundaries will change to align with the new school sites.  All students will be moving to a school that will have a different make up than the one they currently attend.  When the first new elementary school at the Monroe Site opens in the Fall of 2017, all students and staff will move to their new Learning Communities.  As part of this proposal, some of our current facilities will serve a transitional role to house the Learning Communities for a year or two, until each new school is ready. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Please click here to read the complete K-5 Learning Community Plan.