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The Board approved an option to purchase land for the fifth new K-5 elementary school at 4100 Harrison at the December 21st Board Meeting.  The price is $20,000 an acre and the District can buy 15 to 18 acres which is below budget.  Board members had hoped to purchase land closer to the river in the southwest quadrant of the city.  Several sites were looked at but either the costs were too high to provide utilities, roads, and site work or the property was located on top of caves.  The Harrison site is ideal with regards to access to utilities and roads and is in a residential area.  The Boundary Advisory Task Force will need to regroup and develop new boundaries based on the location of the Harrison school.  They will meet on January 4.  Once the boundaries are updated, another Town Hall meeting will be held to inform and gain input from the community.             

The Board accepted the bid from Maas Construction for the new elementary school at 48th & Columbus Road at a cost of $13,093,316, which is under budget.  This includes five alternate bids totaling $518,316.  All new building projects have come in under budget which has allowed adding in some alternates and upgrades.  I reviewed the revised staffing plan and transition plan for moving to the new K-5 buildings.  For 2017, K-3 buildings will remain the same as this year with the new Monroe building as a K-3 building.  Baldwin will be two sections instead of three for 4th and 5th grades.  In 2018, all students will be removed from Baldwin to allow demolition.  New boundaries and staff assignments will be implemented.  Monroe site, 12th Street, and 48th Street will open as K-5 schools.  Madison and Ellington will house a K-5 school community that will be at the Baldwin site.  Adams and Berrian will be a K-5 school community as well.  An option to use only Adams as a K-5 school community is being explored. 

 A draft of the 2017-2018 school calendar was presented to the Board and will be approved at the January meeting.

 The Board  recognized Coach Matt Longo who is retiring as the QHS Soccer Coach.  Matt has been the head boys soccer coach for 23 years.  During that time, Quincy appeared in the national rankings six seasons, won seven sectional championships, won nine consecutive Western Big Six Conference titles , won 11 regional championships, and had 23 winning seasons.  New coach Ron Bridal highly praised Longo as his long-time coach, mentor and friend.  Ron grew up as a player on Longo’s team and served as an assistant coach with him the past year.  He credited Coach Longo with instilling his confidence and helping him grow in the soccer program. He is looking forward to leading the team.

The Athletic Department at QHS is selling several pieces of weight room equipment that are no longer needed for the program.  The equipment will be sold through sealed bids submitted to the Athletic Department with the sale scheduled for January 19, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.  If you would like to see the items, contact the QHS Athletic Office, 224-3771, Monday—Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.