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The School District has been tracking  closely what has been going on in Springfield with regards to the State Budget.  There has been no budget for the past two years but the State did pass a K-12 spending plan in those years.  So far, no school spending plan has been approved for this year.  Without general state aid, our district will be out of money in mid to late fall.  Critical decisions will have to be made to either borrow money to keep schools open or shut down until the State pays its share of school funding.  There are 840 school districts in Illinois and most will be facing the same issue.  The State owes QPS $3.75 million in categorical payments such as transportation and special education.  I urge staff, parents, and the community to contact Senator Jil Tracy, State Representative Randy Frese, and Governor Rauner and let your voices be heard.  The State of Illinois needs to fulfil their responsibility to the children of Illinois.  Contact information and a sample letter are available on the District’s website, under Quicklinks—Fix the Formula. 

Central Office administrators and K-5 principals have been working hard to place teachers for the 2018-2019 school year.  Most teachers were placed in one of their choices.  K-5 principals will be contacting those teachers soon via email to welcome them and inform them of their assignment for 18-19.   This will allow time next year for team building for the transition to K-5. Director of Student Services, Carol Frericks, will lead a team to address other tasks and timelines for the K-5 transition.  These will be presented to the Board in October 2017.  Some of those include:  placement of support staff,  identifying the four old schools to be used in 2018-2019, bus routes, talented and gifted plan, vocal and instrumental music instruction, and student transfer policies. 

The Board approved an increase in lunch prices for 2017-2018 from $2.30 to $2.40 for PK-5 students and from $2.55 to $2.65 for grades 6-12.  The 10-cent increase is needed to meet requirements of the National School Lunch Program.

The 2017-2018 school handbooks were adopted by the Board.  The QHS handbook will be available online and emailed to parents and students.  Paper copies will be available upon request.  This will save the district $10,000 in printing costs.  We hope to move to more online handbooks in the future.