Washington Elementary School


Dear Washington School Community,

Welcome to Washington School where, "We're wild about learning!" Our enthusiastic and dedicated staff prides themselves in working closely and cooperatively with students and families to meet all students' academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.


To help meet these needs, the Washington School staff, teaches and models the "Seven Covey Habits of Highly Effective People." All students are exposed daily to the "Seven Habits" during morning assemblies and throughout the school day.  In addition to knowing and living the "Seven Covey Habits," Washington Elementary students and staff use a system-wide approach called PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) to prevent and respond to classroom and school discipline problems. PBIS teaches all students the positive and appropriate behaviors to eliminate behavioral problems. This creates and maintains a safe learning environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.


We value the partnerships that are created with our parents and guardians.  As a team, we will work together to teach our students.  At Washington Elementary School, we believe "Everyone Learns, Everyone Grows, and Everyone Shines." By working together to support our children, we will make all goals and beliefs a reality!


Sara Cramer - Principal


Washington Elementary School has a daily morning assembly in the gym which begins at 7:50 a.m. Students need to be in the gym at this time to learn about the "Seven Covey Habits," sing songs, present the flag, hear the morning announcements, and recite the "Wolf's Howl" pledge.

"Wolf's Howl"

At Washington School I will have a

Positive Attitude,

Act Responsibly,

Work and play safely, and

Show respect to everyone. 

If I live by the Wolf's Howl, I will have a Paws-itively Great Day."