Quincy Public Schools District #172 Boundary Advisory Task Force (BATF)

As outlined in the plans for the Quincy Public Schools Building Referendum, the QPS District will begin the process of determining the amended school boundaries for the K-5 elementary schools.  The goal of the District is to achieve a more balanced socioeconomic demographic among the five new elementary schools while evenly dispersing students by numbers to maintain balanced classroom sizes and school populations.

This process will include the formation of a QPS Boundary Advisory Task Force (BATF) facilitated by Joel Murphy, District Business Manager. Also part of the Task Force will be Board Members Sheldon Bailey and Jim Whitfield, along with QPS Director of Transportation, Shane Barnes. Included on the Task force will be the recently announced principals of the five new Learning Communities: Chrissy Cox, Cindy Crow, Melanie Schrand, Jim Sohn, and Brian Trowbridge.  The District is seeking additional members from our school communities, as well as the Quincy Community at large. The Task Force is hoping for teacher and parent representatives from each of our existing elementary schools; and a representative from the Quincy Federation of Teachers and Educational Support Personnel. Additional school community representatives are being encouraged from our educational support personnel, bus drivers, and our Early Childhood and Family Center and Quincy Junior High School. The District has reached out to the Human Rights Commission, PTA, Quincy Catholic Schools, Faith-Based organizations, and other community groups to encourage participation in this important process.  Those interested in joining the BATF are asked to complete the attached application (also available on www.qps.org under “Building Plans”) and submit by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, September 12th.  All appointments will be made by the Superintendent from applications submitted to the District; with the desired maximum number of 30 members.

The first meeting of the Boundary Advisory Task Force will be September 21st at 7:00 pm at the Board of Education office. The group will then meet on October 5 and 19, November 9 and 30, and December 14. This diverse group, with the knowledge and expertise critical to a successful outcome, along with Quincy Public Schools will host a minimum of one public forum to invite the community at large to share concerns, information or ideas.  E-mails may be sent to the BATF using .

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