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K-5 Transition Tasks and Plans

A K-5 Transition task force has formed.  They have been and continue to be hard at work on the identified tasks necessary for completing our transition – including temporary transitions necessary during construction at our Baldwin and Harrison elementary buildings.  The 2018-2019 academic year will be the first year of the Quincy Public Schools elementary transition to K-5 Learning Communities from our current K-3 and 4-5 buildings.  The following links provide .pdf plans of the the nine tasks of our K-5 Transition Team.  These plans were originally presented to the Quincy Public Schools Board on January 24, 2018; the documents below were updated on June 12, 2018 following approval at the May 2018 Board Meeting.

K 5 Transition Task Team Members Board Presentation

Task 1 PR 18 19 Learning Communities For Split Sites

Task 2 PR Transfer Policy And Administrative Procedures

Task 3 PR Bus Routes

Task 4 PR Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Task 5 PR Music Learning Opportunities

Task 6 PR K 5 Staffing Plan Licensed Educators

Task 7 PRK 5 Team Building Opportunities

Task 8 PR K 5 Master Schedule

Task 9 PR Transition Of Instructional Materials And Technology

History of the K-5 Learning Communities:

At the July 27, 2016 Board meeting, Business Manager Joel Murphy presented the plan and basic outline for moving to a K-5 elementary school model.  The District will be moving to a concept of a Learning Community which will include all aspects of students’ lives to make them successful.  This includes developing partnerships with parents and the community at large to create a “culture of excellence” called for in the District’s Vision Statement.  In order to accomplish this, we will move to the five communities as soon as possible.  In 2016 the principals for the five K-5 buildings were named and began to develop a process to assign staff to their new schools. The K-5 principals are as follows:  Harrison Street Site – Chrissy Cox, Iles Elementary (N. 12th Street Site) – Cindy Crow, Rooney Elementary (48th Street & Columbus Road  Site) – Melanie Schrand, Baldwin Elementary – Jim Sohn, and Lincoln-Douglas Elementary – Brian Trowbridge.

Boundaries will change for the 2018-2019 academic year to align with the new school sites to create more balance amongst the five elemenatary schools with regard to student demographics, socioeconmics, as well as attendance numbers.  All students will be moving to a school that will have a different make up than the one they currently attend.

A Boundary Advisory Task Force (BATF) was formed in January 2017 to create new attendance boundaries for the K-5 Elementary Schools.


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