The Quincy Federation of Teachers has partnered with Quincy Public Schools, PTA, West Central Child Care Connection, and the ROE to apply for the AFT Innovation Fund Grant.  If approved, the grant would provide funding for  media production, training staff, and educating parents/community members about the Common Core State Standards.    The Illinois State Board of Education has adopted new Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts that are designed to ensure that all graduating students are prepared to meet the College and Career Anchor Standards. The new standards are to be fully implemented and assessed in 2014-15 and will provide benchmarks for academic progress that students should have at the conclusion of each grade level.  The overall goal of the grant proposal: The region’s educators will have the training and resources required to ensure that all students can meet the Common Core Standards, and parents/guardians and community members will understand the new Standards, their importance, and will understand their role in helping students meet the standards.

      Assistant Superintendent Viniard noted that the Innovation Fund Grant is a national competition.  The QFT and its partners were selected to go forward to the second step of the application process.  The three-year grant would provide up to $150,000 the first year and up to $200,000 per year for the next two years. The announcement of grant awardees is anticipated in July.


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