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Easy ways you can help our students even more!

Want to know some easy ways to help out our schools – and therefore help our students (even more than you already do)? Many products that you buy every day have promotions that raise money or provide educational supplies for schools. Most of our schools collect the items listed below, and you can drop them off in the principal’s office at the school where you mentor.  Or, you can drop them off to me at the Board of Education Office and I will be happy to distribute to school(s) that participate.

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops Logo

Cut out the Box Tops logo which can be found on many commonly used products including Betty Crocker mixes, General Mills cereals, Land O Lakesbutter, Pillsbury crescent rolls, biscuits, etc., Ziploc bags, Hefty waste bags, Avery office products.

Campbell’s Labels for Education

Labels for Education Logo

Look for this logo on Campbell Soup products and many other items such as BIC pens, Franco American, Pepperidge Farm, Post cereals and snack items, Prego sauces, Swanson broth, and V8 beverages. The labels are cashed in for a variety of educational products.


Shop for Schools
Some schools collect Hy-Vee product bar codes and Coke Rewards Codes (the rewards codes are found under caps, inside tear-off on 12-packs, and on multi-pack wraps).

Quincy Junior High and Quincy Senior High Schools participate in the “Shop for Schools” program which involves the school selling gift cards from a variety of merchants. It works like this: If you purchase a $50 gift card to County Market or Hy-Vee, you pay $50 and you receive a $50 gift card. The grocery store then gives the school 5% back ($2.50). It is that simple! The list of participating merchants is extensive and includes restaurants, department stores, clothing stores, home improvement stores, and much more. These are places where you shop every day, and essentially your dollar goes even farther by spending the same amount you normally would at participating merchants with the added bonus of dollars coming back to our schools!  Contact me at the Board of Education Office if you’d like more information on how to purchase Shop for Schools gift cards.

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