Hello! I'm Mrs. Cramer!
Education is a passion and mission of mine! Children are our future. We must invest in them if we want our society and community to improve. I believe in the Quincy Public School system through my personal experiences attending Pre-K-12th grade.

I began my career as a teacher at Payson Seymour Elementary where I taught for 7 years. After obtaining my degree in administration, I joined QPS as an elementary teacher at Adams School for 2 years. After which I was promoted to principal of Washington Elementary School for 10 years. During this past year I was at Thomas S. Baldwin as a School Administration Manager. I am not new to education or leadership and welcome the opportunity to be the co-director of ECFC!

As co-director my top priority is to ensure that our students are well educated in a safe environment, and to promote family engagement and involvement.
My door is always open. Please contact me should you have suggestions, concerns, questions, or celebrations to share. If I am not available please ask the secretaries to speak with Ms. Julie Schuckman, co-director, or Mr. Scott Moore, building manager. I look forward to a great year with you and your child.

In ECFC Pride,
sara cramer signature

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