Chrome Sign-In

1. Open Google Chrome. Chrome Shortcut
2. Click on the little person on top of the title bar. chrome user icon
3. Click on “Turn on sync…”. chrome turn on sync window
4. Enter your QPS email ( or chrome username login window
5. Enter your QPS password in the indicated field. chrome login password window
5a. If your password seems to not work, you most likely need to change your district password so it will sync to Google. If sign-in isn’t working, change your district password by following the steps detailed here: Change Your District Network Password
6. Select “Yes, I’m in”. chrome sync agreement window
7. Done! That’s it!


More Info about Chrome sign-in:

By default, Chrome saves your bookmarks and browser settings on the specific computer you are using. This means that you have to return to the same device to access the bookmarks you’ve saved.  If the device gets replaced or re-imaged, the bookmarks will be lost.

When you sign in to chrome and ‘link data,’ your bookmarks and browser settings are moved from your specific computer to your Google account which is stored on the web.  From this point, when you sign in with Chrome on another machine or device, all your bookmarks and settings will be retrieved and be available for use right away!

Just remember! If you switch computers/devices, you will have to sign in on again. The sign in process should be very similar on other operating systems and devices. 

*This profile is managed by QPS and some options may not be available due to compatibility or security reasons. Please keep work and private usage separated.