The Quincy Public Schools and the Quincy Public Schools Foundation are excited to announce their new Digital Conversion for Teaching & Learning InitiativeThis plan is aligned with the district mission to utilize information and communication technology and digital learning resources in a blended learning environment and is based on extensive research and benchmarking. 

Plan Highlights

  •        A blended learning approach – Blended learning has proven to increase student outcomes and create exciting new roles for teachers to personalize education for students.  Blended learning provides a combination or “blending” of traditional whole class and small group lessons or projects with digital lessons utilizing online tools and lessons to increase student engagement and outcomes. 
  •      iPads and Dell 3340s – After extensive research both within the Quincy School District and with other districts, QPS decided to focus on two main devices.  For grades K-5, the district will primarily utilize iPads.  For grades 6-12, the district will utilize Dell 3340s.  Research found that iPads are more useful to younger students that utilize the technology as an alternative to traditional classroom training. Older students opt for laptops because of functionality and their role in preparing students for the workforce. There will also be laptops available to younger students so that they can prepare for state exams.
  •        Technology Carts – Through grants and funds provided by the Quincy Public Schools Foundation, QPS will provide carts of iPads and Dell 3340s to each school. 
  •        Bring-Your-Own Technology – Students will be able to bring their own iPads or Dell 3340s to class.  The district will be working with parents to provide discounted pricing, payment plans and rental options that will enable more students to be able to have their own device.
  •        Teacher Training and Resources – Teachers will be trained on how to utilize the iPads and laptops effectively in their classrooms.  This training will not only provide teachers with instructional resources and tools, but will also give them guidance on classroom management in a bring-your-own technology environment.

Timeline for Implementation

July, 2014 – All QPS buildings equipped with wireless access thanks to a generous partnership with Knapheide Manufacturing. 

January, 2015 – 16 laptop carts provided to schools throughout district and students in grades 3, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are allowed to bring their own devices.  Grades were chosen based on their need to take state-mandated, computer-based assessments.  All teachers in those grade levels will receive training and resources to utilize devices.

August, 2015 – All students will be allowed to bring their own devices.  All teachers will receive training and resources to utilize devices.

Beyond August, 2015 – More iPad and laptop carts will be provided to schools and teachers will continue education and training to ensure that the investment in technology is providing better outcomes for our students.  District will continuously evaluate the plan to ensure we are meeting the needs of our district and our community.

Community Partnership

This digital conversion plan is possible because of the generosity of the Quincy community.  In addition to the major partnership with Knapheide Manufacturing that brought wireless into every building, the Quincy Public Schools Foundation has given more than $550,000 over the past year to provide devices and technology training to the district.  The Foundation will continue to offer financial and community support to provide QPS students with the technology they need to be successful.  Donations to deliver more devices into the hands of students can be directed to the QPS Foundation, Attn: Julie Ross, 1416 Maine St., Quincy, IL  62301. 

QPS Foundation Executive Director shared this, “The QPS Foundation has three major goals.  We promote student development, we promote excellence through creative teaching, and we encourage school/community partnerships.  The Digital Conversion Plan is the embodiment of these three goals.  New technology will increase student engagement and give our teachers endless opportunities to bring individualized instruction to the classroom.  Every business in our community and all over the world uses technology on a daily basis.  I can’t think of a better opportunity, or one that will reach more students, for our community to embrace.” 

To view the PowerPoint on the Technology Plan, click here.


For more information on this initiative or to schedule interviews, please contact

Carol Frericks, Secondary Academic Director – 217-223-8700

Joel Murphy, Business Manager – 223-8700. 

Julie Ross, Executive Director, QPS Foundation – 228-7158 x2256

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