At a special meeting on facilities held February 12th, Board members concluded that the next logical step is to develop a master plan that would include estimated pricing for new buildings, remodeling, and additions, grade configurations and education structure to best meet students’ needs. A specific master plan with more concrete information will help the Board make decisions.

Todd Moore, of Architechnics, Inc., presented a proposal to develop a facilities master plan for the district at the regular meeting held February 19th.  The firms of Architechnics, Klingner and Poepping, Stone, Bach will work as a team to develop the plan.  Phase I of the project includes gathering input on how facility needs relate to curriculum, graphics of existing buildings and sites, floor plans, probable costs for all options and strategies for K-5, K-6, K-8, QHS addition and other existing building additions or improvements.  A local work force availability study and construction schedule will be included.  A Steering Committee will be appointed by Superintendent Cobb to make recommendations to the Board.  The committee will be made up of Board Members, administration, curriculum leaders, QPS Foundation, maintenance, municipal/government leaders and district patrons.  There will also be area/level planning committees formed into groups addressing the needs of specific areas and/or grade levels such as physical education/athletics, cafeteria, music, library, technology, security, transportation, principals, nursing, maintenance/custodian and representative teachers. 

The Board approved  Phase I of the plan to be completed by June 2014 at an estimated amount not to exceed $249,250.  Phase II of the plan would be completed after July and include development of 3-D models of existing buildings and sites, floor plans showing furniture, fixtures and equipment, and completed 3-D sketch up models for new buildings.  The estimated cost of Phase II is $123,750 and will be considered for approval by the Board after review of Phase I. 


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