The $89 million school bond issue was overwhelmingly approved by voters–11,001 voted in favor and 5,620 against.   Five new state-of-the art elementary schools will be built to replace aging and outdated buildings.  An addition will be built at Quincy Senior High to make room for 9th graders.  This will move the district to a configuration of five K-5 elementary schools, grades 6-8 at the current junior high, and grades 9-12 at QHS.   Technology updates will be made at all schools.  Students will be provided an updated and engaging learning environment to prepare them for success in an increasingly technology driven world.

Board President Stephanie Erwin said, “This is a historic moment in the life of our community.  This is a win for the entire community but most importantly a win for the 6,000 public school children who walk through our doors every day, depending on us to teach them to be the best they can be.”

Superintendent Steve Cobb said he is so proud, this vote has changed Quincy and is a wonderful achievement for our children and the community.   Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore said it will create about 1,400 jobs for the Quincy area over the next five years and indicate to prospective businesses and professionals that Quincy is a community that cares about our children’s future.

Plans for the new schools will begin immediately.  One new K-5 school will be built on the current site of Baldwin School which will be torn down except for the cafeteria, auditorium and Blue Devil Gym.  A second new school will be built on land near the present Monroe School.  Sites will need to be acquired for the three remaining K-5 schools.   

“Now the journey continues and the work begins.  We are very excited about the future of Quincy Public Schools,” said Superintendent Cobb.


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