Superintendent Webb said that in the military, a Challenge Coin is awarded to those who excel and display exemplary performance or values of leadership—Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.    Some coins have been designed with Blue Devil Pride engraved on one side and the leadership qualities on the other.   The coins will be given to recognize QPS staff, students or community members who have displayed these values.  Superintendent Webb presented the first coins to our Board Members at the July meeting.  He said they have shown excellent leadership and dedication for the district’s new building program.  Newly completed Lincoln-Douglas Elementary opens this fall.  It is the first of the five new K-5 schools.  It is confirmation of their vision for world class facilities and first class education for the children of Quincy.

The August 24th Board meeting will be held at Lincoln-Douglas.  A dedication ceremony and building tour will be held prior to the meeting.  Advertisement for bids for the Harrison Street site will go out soon.  The timeline for completion of the Harrison site has been moved up to May 15, 2018.

Carol Frericks, Director of Student Services, presented the district’s improvement plan—Right on Q by 2020.  The plan’s strategies include:  engage students to achieve personal excellence, build professional knowledge and excellent teaching practices through collaboration, use curriculum aligned to state standards, establish high expectations and improve student growth, and develop active partnerships with parents and the community.  These strategies are based on goals developed by the Board and central office administration.  Targets, timelines and measures for student growth are outlined for each area.  Mrs. Frericks thanked members of the District Improvement Team who worked hard to develop the plan.

The Board heard a report on the Community Eligibility Option (CEP).  Jean Kinder, Food Services Director, told the Board that an amendment to the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act provides an alternative to household eligibility applications.  CEP is an option for eligible high poverty schools and uses an approved percentage for meal claiming purposes.  The percentage is determined based on the number of identified students enrolled in the school.  Applying for CEP for the entire district or for PK –5th grade schools would result in less funding per year.  Mrs. Kinder has recommended CEP for ECFC and ACRSS/ABC Programs.  The provision would be fully funded at both sites and would increase funding approximately $4,252 at ECFC and $582 for ACRSS/ABC.  Students must be identified by April 1.  Quincy’s application would be for the 2018-2019 school year.  The recommendation will be reviewed by the Board.


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