The Quincy Public Schools’ Mentor Program matches adult volunteers to work one-on-one with students. Mentoring involves developing a relationship in which an adult provides a student with support and guidance for his/her academic and personal growth.  No special skills are needed to be a mentor – only a genuine desire to provide encouragement and friendship to a student. The student and mentor meet once a week for about thirty minutes during school hours at the school site.

There is a critical need for mentors at the junior high and senior high level. Mentoring a teen or adolescent age student is an important and potentially fulfilling journey. You can be a good friend to a person at a critical stage of their development. Of course, if you are more comfortable working with a younger student, there is always a need for more!  And you can get a lot out of it too. 

The most crucial role of a mentor is to be an adult who has time for a child, who cares about that child, and who believes in that child. 

To learn more about how to become a QPS Mentor, contact:

Sharon Bearden or Stephanie Burry

Board of Education




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