The ABC Academy (Academic Behavior Community) and ACRSS (Adams County Regional Safe School) are Regional Safe School Programs through the Regional Office of Education (ROE #1).  Both programs serve students in grades 7-12.  The ABC Academy and ACRSS serve students from Quincy, Mendon, Liberty, Payson, and Camp Point.  Students must meet RSSP eligibility criteria and must be referred by the home school.  All students and guardians are required to complete an Alternate Education Plan (AEP) prior to beginning at ABC/ACRSS each year the student attends a RSSP program.  The AEP is a goal setting worksheet with the ultimate goal being return to the home school.  Additionally, both programs operate on a block schedule with students attending four classes per day.  Each class is approximately 83-85 minutes in length.  Each quarter is considered a semester due to the extended time.  The block schedule enables students to only focus on four subjects per day and earn eight credits per year.

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