The chart below shows sample sources of revenue for a Quincy Public School District No. 172. School districts in Illinois receive funds from three major sources – local, state, and federal. The percentage from each of these sources varies depending on many factors such as property values in the district, and state and federal programs. Local funds, the largest source in most districts, come primarily from property taxes. State funds, which are appropriated each year by the Illinois General Assembly, include general state aid and funding by formulas for specific needs such as special education, transportation, and facility construction or renovation. Federal funds help to support low-income students, special education, nutrition programs, and pre-school among other needs. Local property taxes makes up 46.9% of the District's revenue, other local funding makes up 11.8%, general state aid makes up 20.8%, other state funding makes up 8.5%, and federal funding makes up 12.0%.