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Early Childhood and Family Center (ECFC) 401 S. 8th 217-228-7121 Julie Schuckman
Adams Elementary 2001 Jefferson Street 217-222-2530 Chrissy Cox
Berrian Elementary  1327 S. 8th Street  217-228-7691 

Chrissy Cox
Richard Pugh

 Dewey Elementary 2040 Cherry  217-228-7117   Brad Funkenbusch
Ellington Elementary   3001 Lindell Street 217-222-5697  Anne Cashman 
Madison Elementary   2435 Maine Street 217-223-6096  Jim Sohn 
 Monroe Elementary 3211 Payson Road  217-223-8871  Brian Trowbridge
Washington Elementary 1400 N. 8th 217-222-4059 Sara Cramer
Baldwin Intermediate  3000 Maine Street   217- 223-0003 Main Office 
Baldwin North Intermediate  3000 Maine Street  217-228-7100   Jason Fink
Baldwin South Intermediate  3000 Maine Street  217-228-7105  Cindy Crow 
Baldwin West Intermediate  3000 Maine Street  217-228-7110  Melanie Schrand 
Quincy Junior High School   100 S. 14th  217-222-3073  Dan Sparrow
 Quincy Senior High School 3322 Maine Street  217-224-3770   Danielle Edgar
Quincy Area Vocational Technical Center  219 Baldwin Drive  217-224-3775  Mark Pfleiger 
ACRSS--Adams County Regional Safe School 1416 Maine St. 217-228-7175 Cheryl Dreasler 
ABC - Academic Behavior & Community Academy  1416 Maine St. 217-228-7175 Lori Miles