School Bus 2Quincy Public School Transportation Dept                                                                                                                      
121 N. 20th St
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: 217-224-5910
Fax: 217-228-7146

Shane Barnes, Director of Transportation

Gayland Blakemore, Discipline Director

Audrey Woodworth, Mapping & Routing Coordinator, Supervisor of Regular Transportation

Terri Morris, Payroll Supervisor & Assistant Supervisor of Regular Transportation

April Rohn, Supervisor of Special Education Transportation

Stephanie Chandler, Supervisor of Early Childhood Transportation


  • Grade K-3 schools are determined by the child’s permanent home address or the daycare address
  • All grade 4 & 5 students attend Baldwin Intermediate School.
  • All grade 6-8 students attend Quincy Junior High School.
  • All grade 9-12 students attend Quincy Senior High School.


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School Bus Safety




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