Quincy Public Schools Transportation Dept    

The Quincy Public School Transportation Department consists of over 100 employees that service over 20 schools in Quincy including the community’s early childhood, public, parochial, and a variety of other buildings. The district maintains a vehicle fleet of over 80 school buses and vans that transport students to school, extracurricular activities, field trips, and other educational activities. 

121 N. 20th St
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: 217-224-5910
Fax: 217-228-7146

Scott Douglas, Director of Transportation

Alex Tuley, Assistant Director of Transportation

Andre’ Landsom, Mapping & Routing Coordinator. Supervisor of Regular Transportation K-12

Terri Morris, Payroll Supervisor & Assistant Supervisor of Regular Transportation

Nancy LaCroix, Supervisor Special Education Transportation

Bethony Crim, Supervisor of Early Childhood

  • Grade K-5 schools are determined by the child’s permanent home address or the daycare address.
  • All grade 6-8 students attend Quincy Junior High School.
  • All grade 9-12 students attend Quincy Senior High School.