QPS COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will QPS continue to offer in-person instruction? Yes, that is our plan. As long as conditions are deemed safe by the Adams County Health Department, we will offer in-person instruction.
  2. Will you offer a remote learning option for all students with health issues or family concerns? Yes, we have a remote learning option.
  3. At some point, could we have to do remote learning again as a district? Yes, if we have a positive outbreak, we could have individual classes, schools, or the district return to remote learning. We are ready for that. You should be too.
  4. Will there be any practices, events, or activities for students? Yes, some sports have started to participate in competitive games and meets at both the high school and junior high. Music, FFA, student council and other activities are taking place. We expect more activities allowed soon. We will follow IHSA and IESA guidelines.
  5. Will staff and students be required to wear face coverings? Yes, Illinois, the state board of education, and the Illinois Department of Health have required face coverings. Masks are the preferred face covering, but other options will be accepted. We will schedule mask breaks, outside time when masks are not required.
  6. Will masks be supplied by the district? Each student did receive two masks and a shield. The shield will stay at school.
  7. Do you have food service available for children that have chosen the remote option? Yes, food service is available for all students. Please check qps.org for details.
  8. Could information and guidance change? Yes, we see information change often.
  9. How can I help? Stay well, follow social distancing and recommendations from the state and county health department. The fewer outbreaks, the more we can stay in school. Keep asking questions. Keep communicating with our staff. Do the best you can. Do not let educational issues cause additional stress on your family. I encourage you to keep your children safe, be patient, and be positive.
  10. How is your Quincy Public Schools Team doing? We are doing well and excited to see our students each day.

Updated 9/1/2020