Message from Superintendent Webb

To Quincy Public School parents, The Quincy Community and our staff,

Within the last 72 hours, concerns about the Coronavirus COVID-19 have reached a level of urgency. We at QPS will work closely with the Adams County Health Department and city leaders to make sure we control the risks to our community as much as possible. We will be meeting again this morning.

We have had a few students with flu-like symptoms as we usually do throughout the winter. Some have traveled outside the area. The health department has tracked their travels and have determined they were likely NOT exposed to COVID-19. Those students are still being sent home with their parents.

We are doing a thorough environmental cleaning and will continue to do so. Our cleaning products are effective against almost all viruses including COVID-19. As schools are closed next week for spring break, we will use this time to thoroughly clean all schools and facilities. We will be keeping traffic within the schools to a minimum to allow the cleaning crews the time and space to do their jobs.

As we return from Spring Break, we ask parents to keep their children home if they are not feeling well, have cold symptoms or a fever. I have always stressed the importance of attendance and being at school. However, in this situation, it is better to error on the side of caution. We also ask that parents communicate to us about your travels to areas of concern.

I have decided to postpone Showcase or Excellence this weekend. I apologize to our directors, our staff, our volunteers, and mostly our hardworking musicians and students. This is a premiere event in our community and throughout the region. Because Showcase of Excellence brings over 1,400 students and adults to Quincy from the tri-state area, postponing the mass gathering is in the best interest of our students, staff, families and community. A decision will be made in a few weeks to determine if the event can be rescheduled this year or ultimately canceled.

I do not want to cause alarm or add to the stress of our community and our Blue Devil family. I just want to do my best to communicate with you and do my best to keep you safe.

The QPS leadership family will be monitoring all aspects of this and may make further announcements as needed.

Roy Webb
Quincy Public Schools



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