Grant Project Information

TITLE I – is a federal entitlement grant and is part of No Child Left Behind funding.

  • Purpose– To ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on state academic achievement standards and assessments.  To provide supplemental services for children from preschool through grade 12 who are at risk of not meeting the Illinois Learning Standards. Funds support instruction in reading, math, and language arts as well as professional development activities.
  • How the district uses these funds – The majority of Quincy’s Title I funds are used to pay salaries for class size reduction teachers and instructional resource personnel and parent involvement activities in our four highest poverty K-3 schools (Washington, Berrian, Dewey and Adams) and at Baldwin Intermediate. In the grant application process, schools must be ranked by poverty levels, and funds must be allocated accordingly (the highest poverty school must receive the most dollars per pupil). Instructional services must also be provided to qualifying students who attend a non-public school and who reside within the boundaries of a Title I public school. Funds are also used to support district-wide staff development.

TITLE II – TEACHER QUALITY –Title II is a federal entitlement grant and is part of No Child Left Behind funding.

  • Purpose- To provide funds to increase student academic achievement by elevating teacher and principal quality through recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies and to hold local educational agencies and schools accountable for improvements in student academic achievement.
  • How the district uses these funds – Funds are used to reduce class size at the primary (K-3) and intermediate (4-6) level.  A portion of the funding is used for “high-quality professional development.” Non-public schools receive a portion of the professional development funds.

21st CENTURY COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTERS (21ST CCLC)- This is a federal competitive grant. Only schools that do not make AYP are eligible for funding. The District currently operates two 21st CCLC after-school programs:  Quincy High School is in the final year of a five-year project, and Quincy Junior High School is in the second year of a three-year project.

  • Purpose- To provide academically focused after-school programs, particularly to students who attend high-poverty, low-performing schools, to help those students meet state and local performance standards in core academic subjects, and to offer families of participating students opportunities for literacy and related educational development.
  • How the district uses these funds- Hourly salaries for teachers in the after-school program, as well as a part-time coordinator salary. Funds are also budgeted for pupil transportation, mandatory grant meetings/trainings and parent sessions.

TRUANTS’ ALTERNATIVE & OPTIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM- This is a state competitive grant. If funded, the grant has a 3-year cycle. The district was recently awarded funding for a new three-year grant.

  • Purpose – To help schools establish projects that offer modified instruction and other intervention/prevention services such as counseling, mentoring, tutoring, child care and home visits to prevent students from being truant and/or from dropping out of school. In addition, the Truant Alternative and Optional Education Program (TAOEP) provides optional education programs for students beyond the age of compulsory attendance who have dropped out of school.
  • How the district uses these funds- Quincy’s TAOEP grant provides funding for hourly tutor/mentors for Junior High and Senior High Schools and hourly salaries for a summer program.

TITLE I- NEGLECTED – This is a federal entitlement grant.

  • Purpose – To provide prevention and intervention programs for children and youth who are neglected.
  • How the district uses these funds – Chaddock School is the designated facility for Quincy’s neglected children and youth. Funds have been used for hourly tutoring, instructional materials, computers, library supplies/equipment, a liaison to facilitate student transitions, and professional development.

TITLE I- DELINQUENT- This is a federal entitlement grant.

  • Purpose – To provide prevention and intervention programs for children and youth who are delinquent.
  • How the district uses these funds – The Adams County Juvenile Detention Center is the designated facility for Quincy’s delinquent children and youth. Funds are budgeted for contractual student counseling services, APEX software to support student learning and a  liaison to facilitate student transitions.