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High school students: $455/credit hour
Adults: $325/semester


Generally, tuition charges for students attending QAVTC are paid by the home school district. However, some school districts may have an enrollment fee that is charged to the student.  Contact your high school counselor for details on this charge. High school students can enroll in classes through their high school guidance counselor.


Career and technical education classes are offered to adult students for a variety of reasons. Unemployed adults may take career and technical education courses to gain valuable skills to build a new base of job skill sets. Part-time employed adults may want to take a CTE class to upgrade their existing skills or may want to pursue a new career in a different field. In either case, the CTE courses would offer adults the education and training to advance their skill training and even continue with enrollment at the community college or technical school of their choice. Full-time employed adults and business and industry personnel may even look at CTE courses as a means of providing advanced training in their field on a short term basis.  Some adults will even want to take a CTE course just for the experience of learning something new that they may have had an interest in, but never had the time to take a course in that field.

To enroll, download this form and mail it to the QAVTC office beginning in August. You will be notified if that class is available or offered a different class to enroll in.

Mail forms to:
Adult Enrollment
219 Baldwin Drive
Quincy, IL 62301



  • Adults take classes during our STP (Shared Training Program) classes, which run on Wednesdays from 2:30pm-6:30 during the school year calendar beginning in August and ending in May.
  • Not every QAVTC program is offered during the STP time slot, which varies on class enrollment size. Adults typically enroll in classes with students from area high schools.
  • QAVTC is not certified to be a job-placement center. We offer vocational courses to adults in an effort for them to improve their skills in a particular field or to explore another occupational area. You will not receive a state or national certificate acknowledging your ability to pursue a particular job requiring certification. However, in some classes you will be prepared with instruction that is aligned to an industry credential or certification. It would be up to the individual student to pursue contact with a school or agency that provides certification examinations/skill test and pay applicable fee to test for the related industry credential. Your instructor will advise if such opportunities are in place for the class in which you are enrolled. We can award you with a certificate based on the skills you accomplished during your stay with us.  If, at the end of the year, you wish to have a “Certificate of Skills” that would help you in your pursuit of a career, please bring this to the attention of your instructor.
  • Adult students may sign up for classes beginning in August. Adults may enter a class during the year, based on availability of an opening and with instructor approval.
  • Adult students are not required to attend class every meeting.  It is expected that if an adult enrolls in a vocational course, it is their intention to receive as much education and training that would be available to improve their skills for employment. Adult students may drop a course at any time due to employment, change in location or after feeling they have received all the training they need at that time. An adult may re-enter into a class only at the semester break.
  • The QAVTC office does not provide financial aid for adult students.