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 Bring Your Own Device Program

The purpose of the District’s BYOD program is to extend and enrich the learning environment.
BYOD Student Guidelines PACKET 2016 
The Student Guidelines Packet applies to students who wish to participate in the BYOD Program.  The Packet includes BYOD student guidelines and links to required authorizations and permission forms, a list of resources for parents regarding online privacy, and a list of frequently asked questions. 

The Student Guidelines should be read and understood by all students (and their parents/guardians) who are eligible to participate in the BYOD Program.  It outlines device restrictions and participation rules.  Please read this carefully before proceeding.


Required Paperwork:

The following forms shall be printed, read and discussed by parents/guardians and participating students. All forms shall be signed where indicated and returned to your student's school office.  All forms will need to be received by the office before access to BYOD may be allowed. 
Authorization for Electronic Network Access and Computer Usage.  This is to be printed, read and signed by the student- participant and his / her parent/guardian.  By signing this procedure you and your student agree to the terms outlined and will keep his/her network and computer usage within the acceptable guidelines and maintain proper network etiquette. This completed form will need to be returned to your school's office before BYOD access can be obtained.
This is to be printed, read and signed by the student-participant and his/her parent/guardian.  It contains an authorization and responsible use agreement.  Return this completed form to your student's main office before BYOD access can be obtained.
Information on Children's Online Privacy Protection Act & Parent Resources
To purchase devices, please refer to our device requirements before purchasing.  Your device may not be able to access the District's BYOD WIFI if certain system requirements are not met.
Device Requirements