BYOD Device Guidelines

Technical information QPS‐BYOD network:

The following devices will NOT work on QPS-BYOD:

  • Non HD Kindle Fire
  • Any Alexa device

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: If your device does not support 5GHz, it may not work on the QPS wireless network.

To ensure functionality on the QPS wireless network, the device should have 5GHz (dual band) wireless support. This will be indicated by the presence of an ‘a’ in the wireless description as one of the following:

  • 802.11ac
  • 802.11abgn
  • 802.11agn
  • Dual Band Wireless

Here are a few of the devices which support 5Ghz Wi‐Fi:

  • Apple computers with Wireless‐N support
  • All Apple iPads
  • Apple iPhone 5 (and newer)
  • All Google Pixel Devices
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Any Kindle Fire designated with an “HD” (non-HD devices will not work)

*Please note, this list is not an exhaustive list.

The following site is an extensive database of wireless device capabilities. The device is 5ghz if “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ a″ is listed under connectivity:

WiFi Alliance Product Finder