MFA Basic Walkthrough

This walkthrough assumes you’re singing into your account in a web browser for the first time after MFA is enabled on your account.

    1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account with your password like you normally do. After you choose Sign in, you’ll see this page:


    2. Choose Next.
    3. Your available authentication methods are “Authenticator App” and “Phone”.
      first microsoft MFA screen about downloading and using the Microsoft Authenticator App

      • Option 1: If you want to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, download the app via ‘download now’ and then ‘Next’.
      • Option 2: If you want to use your Phone via voice or text message, select ‘I want to set up a different method’.
      • If you choose to use your Phone:

          1. Choose ‘phone’ from the drop-down, then ‘Confirm’
            MFA method selection screen
          2. Input your phone number, choose whether to receive a text or voice code, click ‘Next’, and follow the rest of the prompts.MFA phone method phone number input screen
      • If you choose to use the Microsoft Authenticator App:

          1. You must download the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone for iPhone or Android.
          2. Once the app is installed, add your QPS account, selecting ‘work or school’ as the account type.  Then follow the steps to complete the setup.
            Microsoft Authenticator progress screen

If you wish to change or revisit your MFA settings, follow this link:


Google: 2FA Setup