MFA Basic Walkthrough

This walkthrough assumes you’re singing into your account in a web browser for the first time after MFA is enabled on your account.

    1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account with your password like you normally do. After you choose Sign in, you’ll see this page:


    2. Choose Next.
    3. Your available authentication methods are “Authentication phone” and “Mobile app”.  The “Office phone” option is not available.
      1. If you select “Authentication phone”:

        1. choose either to receive a text message or voice call for authentication and then click Next.
        2. Follow the prompts to verify by the phone method selected.
      2. If you select “Mobile App”

          1. You must download the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone for iPhone or Android.
            Android example:
            Microsoft Authenticator App
          2. After opening the app, follow the introduction or select ‘skip’.
          3. Select the ‘+’ icon to add your account.  Select ‘Allow’ when prompted to let the app open the camera.
            Account Screen
          4. Leave the selection at ‘Receive notifications for verification’ and click Set up.
            Note: “Receive notifications for verification” means your phone will prompt you to tap a button to approve future sign-ins.
            “Use verification code” means you’ll be prompted to enter a 6 digit code from your phone to approve the device.
            We recommend selecting “Receive notifications for verification”.
          5. Scan the QR Code on the screen of the device on which you’re signing in.
          6. After scanning, click Next. Your phone screen will look like this:
            authenticator app account added
          7. Your phone will now receive a prompt to ‘Approve’ your sign in.
            mobile app check your phone screen
          8. Select ‘Approve’ on your phone.
            Approve Sign-in
          9. Next, you’ll be asked to provide your cell phone number in case you’re unable to use the Authenticator app. Enter your cell phone number and click Next.
            Additional Security Verification
          10. The next screen provides an App password. App passwords can be used for one-time sign-ins from applications.  App passwords are required in order to use the built-in iPhone email and most built-in Android email.
            initial app password screen
            Follow these steps if you need to sign in with an App password in the future: Sign in with an app password on your native email phone app.
          11. Click Done.

Once you complete the instructions to specify how you want to receive your verification code, the next time you sign in to Office 365, you’ll be prompted to enter the code that is sent to you by text message, phone call, etc. or select ‘Approve’ on your phone. To have a new code or prompt sent to you, press F5.

When you sign in with 2-step verification, you'll be prompted for a code.

If you wish to change or revisit your MFA settings, follow this link: Review MFA settings for Office 365