Install Office 365 ProPlus

How to download the latest version of Office Suite Professional Plus

Please Note: To install the latest Office Suite on a district-owned device, please contact Technology via our helpdesk system and we will install it for you.

1. To log in to Office 365, visit and enter your district email and password.

NOTE: Logon names vary depending on the user:
for staff:
for students:

2. If the following page appears, simply click ‘Install Office‘ and then ‘Office 365 Apps‘. Then skip to step 5.


If this page does not appear, proceed to step 3.

3. Click gear icon at the top-right of the page and select ‘Software‘.


4. Click the ‘Install Office’ button on the following page.


5. The file will begin downloading and the following pop-up will appear. Follow the instructions on this screen to install Office on your desktop!


6. After Office has finished installing, launch Word, Excel or any other of the Office products.

7. Enter your full email address in the text box.
note: Students need to enter their

Activate Office Username

8. Enter your password in the password field. Your username should already be entered.

QPS Sign in Prompt

9. Click ‘Skip for Now‘ if you are prompted to add the account to Windows.

Skip Add to Windows

10. Click ‘Accept‘ to accept the Office license agreement.

Office License Agreement

11. Enjoy your copy of Office!