Publish Google Slides To Web


1. Start Google Chrome. Google Chrome
2. Sign in using your district      network credentials.Please go to Sign in to Google Chrome for more information. Google Chrome
3. Go to and click on Blank presentation.  Delete the first default slide.


You can open an existing presentation as well.

4. Click on “Publish to the web” under the File menu. Publish
5. Choose the length of time each slide will remain on the screen before transitioning to the next slide.  Make sure both checkboxes are checked. Click Publish. Publish
6. Copy the link to your new presentation. Publish
7. Email the link to your Technology Dept. contact. Publish
8. Done! That’s it!

There are two options for creating/editing presentations.

1. Google Slides – Edit your presentation within Google Slides and it will show up on your sign within an hour.

2. MS Powerpoint – You can use Powerpoint to create your presentation and import it into Google Slides.  Please go to Import Powerpoint into Google Slides tutorial for more information.