Microsoft Teams

To install the Teams app, download and run the installer located here:

To schedule a Teams meeting, follow these directions.
To jump to securing your meeting for student safety, click here.

    1. Open the Teams app on your computer or go to
    2. On the left of the screen, click Calendar.
      1. teams calendar button location
    3. On the top right of the screen, click ‘New Meeting’
      1. teams new meeting button
    4. Enter the meeting title, attendee email address(es), and meeting date/time.
      1. teams schedule meeting screen
      2. If you already have a class set up in Teams, you can also choose the class (channel) in which to post the meeting.  This will make it easier to share a scheduled remote learning session with your classrooms!
      3. When finished, click ‘Save’ or ‘Send’.
    5. Your Teams meeting will now appear on your Outlook calendar.  The invite can be sent to additional attendees if desired.

  1. To ensure you’re creating a safe and controlled class meeting, review your meeting options by clicking the meeting on your calendar and selecting ‘Edit’. Then select ‘meeting  options’.
    1. select edit button for Teams meeting screenshot
    2. teams meeting options button screenshot
  2. Ensure that ‘Only Me’ is selected for both  ‘Who can bypass the lobby?’ and ‘Who can present?’.
    1. teams meeting options page
  3. For more information on meeting options and securing your meeting, visit this page: