BYOD Connection Settings

NOTE: An active network account/district logon is required in order to connect to the QPS-BYOD wireless network.

To connect to BYOD, select the “QPS-BYOD” network on your device.

Most devices will simply prompt for username and password. Be sure to enter your username without the ‘’ (ex. ‘smithjo’).

If your device prompts for more information, try these settings:

EAP method: PEAP

Phase 2 authentication: None or MSCHAPv2

‘CA Certificate’, ‘Server Certificate’ or “Certificate Status”:  ‘Do not validate’ or ‘Do not check’, or ‘Do not verify’


Identity: your district username without the ‘’

(ex. ‘smithjo’ for staff ‘12345’ for students)

Anonymous Identity: *leave this field blank*

Password: your district password

Any other settings should be left at defaults.

If you get ‘connection failed’ or a similar message, please confirm the settings above and RESTART the device.

If you still cannot connect after following these steps, contact Technology.